Friday, December 21, 2007

Huckabee Hate Stems From Only One Thing

Where does all the Hate for Huckabee come from? You may have noticed that GOP talking heads have really started to pull out the long knives for poor ol' Huck. Matt Yglesias points to this bit from the gasbags at NRO. They think he's just too folksy, gosh darn it all ta heck!

Others have complained about his recent Foreign Affairs piece, which they say shows that he just isn't all that serious. Come on! Is Huck all that different that the rest of the GOP field when it comes to foreign policy? The only difference I can find between Huck and the rest of the lot is an inane argument about whether Bush Admin foreign policy was just plain ol' good, or was it freakin' great.

Push back against Huck has nothing to do with his foreign policy agenda or any policy agenda for that matter, save one.


Huck raised taxes while Gov of Arkansas. And not by a little; he raised them a lot! This is the one unforgivable sin in the GOP.

You can diddle little boys, play footsie in public bathrooms, and bang hooker after hooker and the GOP establishment could give two shits. But you even think about raising taxes, the GOP establishment will take out both your knee caps and beat the crap out of your mother with a tire iron, just for good measure.

Problem is, Huck has impeccable Christian credentials. He's the real deal.

Compare him to the cross-dressing pro-gay, pro abortion "Catholic" from NYC.

Or the Northeast flip-flopping cult-member.

Or the 71 year-old former Episcopalian "Falwell is an agent of intolerance" now "I'm a Baptist, really!" with a giant goiter on his face.

Or the professional FrankenBerry-esqe lobbyist that thinks of nothing of lobbying for pro-abortion groups, as long as they pay.

Let's face it, Huck is gaining traction because the rest of the field is a bunch of fakes and frauds as far as the Evangelical base is concerned.

But the GOP establishment is very powerful, and they will stop at nothing to protect every last cent they have.

It's All About The $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

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