Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cut out the middle man

Looks like the Writers Guild is looking to make an end run around Big Media. They are in negotiations with venture capitalists to create new media organizations that will distribute programming via the web. Found this via The Big Picture. He quotes a piece in the LA Times:

"Dozens of striking film and TV writers are negotiating with venture capitalists to set up companies that would bypass the Hollywood studio system and reach consumers with video entertainment on the Web.

At least seven groups, composed of members of the striking Writers Guild of America, are planning to form Internet-based businesses that, if successful, could create an alternative economic model to the one at the heart of the walkout, now in its seventh week.

Three of the groups are working on ventures that would function much like United Artists, the production company created 80 years ago by Charlie Chaplin and other top stars who wanted to break free from the studios.

"It's in development and rapidly incubating . . ."

I've heard a similar story like this before. Something about big, lumbering dinosaurs and quick, nimble mammals...

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