Sunday, July 13, 2008


Holy Fuck. The brunches here are Ah - Mazing! I guess it's a Berlin (German?) tradition to have brunch on Sunday. We had one last week, and one today. These things are all you can eat, and are filled with fine cheeses, meats, various breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs (but good ones with great spices and cheese and real eggs, not the shitty kind you would get in a crappy American cafeteria that is made from a toxic powder and water. Oh yeah, and they call scrambled eggs "omelets". What's up with that?). Belgian waffles with fresh fruits and jams and syrup and real butter.

The place we went to today was an Italian resturant in Prenzlaurer Berg called Belluro. They had this bowtie pasta cooked to perfection with bits of what I was pretty sure was some kind of crayfish. Not shrimp, for sure, but some kind of crustacean that was similar to crayfish. Tiramisu that was simply heavenly. Pretty damn good pizza. And of course really good coffee.

Anyway, we made our way to Tiergarten this afternoon and checked out the Berlin Siegessäule, or Victory Column. It was kind of late this evening, so things were slow and there weren't too many people (and the weather sort of sucked; grey and had rained earlier). But here are some pics.

In thie pic on the left you can see the famous Berlin TV tower in the lower right, a major landmark in East Berlin and remnant of the Communist past. An interesting dichotomy.

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