Thursday, April 17, 2008

Third rail

I'm swamped. I'm trying to finish my thesis in a timely manner, and make preparations to move overseas two weeks after my defense. No time for blogging. It'll be that way for a while; 2 months or so.

But I still find minutes here and there to read, and I thought this post One Drop was right on (via kos):

Don't let all of the blathering about which candidates are "elitist" or "out of touch" distract you from the real significance of "Bittergate." The issue isn't really that Obama talked about people who "cling" to guns or religion. The issue is that he got too close to the real Third Rail of politics

Social Security is not the Third Rail, no matter what the media tells you. No, the Third Rail is economic class. Try talking about income disparity in America, what do you get? "You're engaging in class warfare!" The same cries of protest are sounded whenever one suggests that the Bush tax cuts were mostly aimed at the wealthy, or that doing away with the estate tax was only beneficial to something like the top 1% of Americans. No, we musn't talk about the working class or the middle class getting a raw deal economically. In other words, we musn't criticize the real elites in this country, namely the wealthy and the politically connected.

There is a powder-keg of class angst in America. Obama had it exactly right, people are bitter, they are frustrated, they are skeptical of more slogans, more promises. That anger is real. It is legitimate. And it is incredibly dangerous to the existing power structures in this country.

The ruling class has spent the last several decades perfecting the art of distraction and misdirection. Take the anger that people feel, and convince them that what they're really upset about, what they really want to fight, is something other than the ruling class itself...

Good stuff. Read the whole thing.


Eric said...

Great article, thanks for pointing it out AI.

Hardly seems to be a coincidence that McCain is worth millions (via his wife - $100 million or so), The Clintons have made over $100 million since Bill left office, and the Obamas made $4.2 million (quadrupled their net worth this year with book sales). All can easily be found via Google search - though check out this site for 2007 net worths.

Kinda funny that $4.2 million puts you more in touch with the common (bitter) person, but he's only recently come into that kind of money.

I understand that Obama is also the youngest of the three and could be worth similar amounts by the time he's 60+. On the other hand, I think both McCain and Clinton would have been better candidates at 46 - practically reason enough to vote for Obama!

rdan said...

Best wishes....let me know where you go. Send a post or two please.

rdan said...

Send me an e-mail.