Monday, February 25, 2008

Ignoring Liberal Fascism; Worked Well for Dealing with Creationism

As much as it would be nice to ignore Goldberg's stupid thesis, that is probably the worst response the left could embrace. Liberal Fascism is a lot like creationism: selective use of facts, quoting out of context, the supposed "oppression" from the intellectual elite. Most scientists think that the best response to creationism is to just ignore it. Yet it continues to fester. Right now, creationists are pushing change public school curricula standards in FL and TX to include creationist and/or anti-evolution view points.

Like creationism, there has to be some pushback against all forms of well-funded and highly orchestrated movements to propel ignorance into the mainstream. Goldberg's book hit #3 on the NYT best seller list. We can try to ignore, but unfortunately not enough of America will to make it a viable strategy. Helpful reviews like Michael Tomasky's and the work done at Orcinus that place well-deserved ridicule on Liberal Fascism are necessary, unfortunately.


rdan said...

I blogrolled you at AB.

Afferent Input said...


Thanks. I've added AB to mine as well!

I'll be sure to contribute to AB as much as possible. You guys have lots of trolls to deal with it seems. At least they're civil for the most part, which makes it interesting and not so worthless.

CoRev said...

AI, trolls are not necessarily someone who disagrees with the writer. If you want an echo chamber, then as many have suggested, go to dKos or Huffpo. We proudly represent the minority view at AB.

Actually we appreaciate the open (sometimes spirited) dialog allowed.

Afferent Input said...


I don't necessarily mean you. But there seems to be enough people over there parroting the GOP talking points and acting contrarian for the sake of pissing people off.

I don't want an echo chamber, but prefer a spirited discussion based on facts and legitimate analysis. So far I think there's enough of that to keep my interest for the time being. But the ratio of tollishness:signal is little high for my taste and may make it a waste of my time.